Sahal Ansari


I am a full stack web developer. On the front-end I work with HTML and CSS. On the back-end I've used PHP and Perl. On the operations side, I've worked extensively with Debian Linux. I've written Bash scripts to automate tasks, as well as compiled, installed, and configured software.

I really became a competent developer after working on my pet project,, a censorship resistant platform. In addition to writing the code powering the front- and back-end, I write "pop-privacy" articles, and market the website using social media.

I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and I really learn best by doing. Currently, I am interested in copyright law, hip hop music, censorship resistance, Mandarin, global health issues, and web development.

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I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2013.

Global Studies, a multidisciplinary major, allowed me to choose classes from a variety of disciplines, which really fit in with my eclectic interests.Study abroad was even a graduation requirement!

During Spring 2012, I studied abroad at Beijing Foreign Studies University. My Mandarin fluency and understanding of Chinese culture improved greatly. I fell in love with Beijing, its people, and their awesome accent! Naturally, I returned to Beijing after graduation to earn my Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate from Peking University. I then worked in Shenzhen as a high school conversational English teacher for a year. Shenzhen, if you're unaware, is a tech-centric, 30-year old, bustling, migrant city across from Hong Kong in mainland China.

My unforgettable experiences in Beijing and Shenzhen have shaped my life in many ways, but I am now back in Chicagoland.

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Current Projects

I'm currently working a variety of different things, a few of which are listed here.

blog: - I write about technology.
VPN: - Bringing censorship resistance to the masses!
/sahal - I contribute code.


The best way to reach me is usually via email. Sometimes, though, I use other social media.

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